How we met(Milk’s Version)

It so happened that they changed our seats at work as we got moved into a new location about 8 minutes away from town. Changing seats was a big deal,because whoever you sat next to kind of automatically became your friend. I did not like when they did that because I’m kind of a quiet person and only commune with a selected few.

So I was glad when they placed me near people I actually spoke to,among my few friends who sat close to me a particular guy stood out.He was no other than Coffee. He was a little taller than me,with this piercing,fiery eyes and little cute goatee. It wasn’t my first time seeing him though,I had seen him several times before, at our previous location in town and on the bus. He was quiet and to himself,even more than I was,we’d only said hi and hello.

However,this time he seemed interesting to me,to be honest what made him stand out was the fact that I heard he was a virgin. I couldn’t believe it at first and was intrigued that a handsome guy like himself could remain pure especially in this day and age. It was like finding a needle in a hay stack if you ask me.

Prior to this we spoke a few times once at the ATM about movies that were being played at the theater that weekend and the second time was at a supermarket when he actually called me by my name and I was surprised he even knew it. He then pointed out to me that we were in the same hiking group. I really was kind of surprised he even spoke to me because here I was secretly crushing on him and he finally saw me.I wondered if it was that tight pink, skirt I wore for the first time that showed my apple behind just right that made him notice hmmm.

That next day at work was no different though he said hello and nothing else and we continued on with our lives. Little did we know that the universe had other plans..

So we were seated two seats away from each other and one day I said hi and called him over and we spoke and continued to speak the next day and the next day.Then one day he asked me for my number and I thought hmm this guy could be interested …to be continued

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