At the Movies

So it continues …

So Coffee had my number and I went home that afternoon and did my usual business and I low key anticipated his message. A few hours into the afternoon he messaged me and I remember blushing like a darn fool. That Saturday the theater was playing the new Fast and Furious movie and we both were interested in going to see it. So he told me to come as he and his friends were also going to see it. This was my second time going to the movies by myself and I found it cool to have some company this time,so I agreed.

I sat in the theater a few minutes before he bounced in with a smile on his face,I waved at him and he came over to join me. His friends entered shortly after and they sat upfront he then asked me if I wanted to go sit upfront, I declined. However he kept eyeing them and I asked if he wanted to go join them. He was hesitant and then shook his head nuhh.He then said he was going to tell his friends that he was going to stay in the middle row with me instead. As he went over I smiled little did he know that if he had chosen his friends over me that day all interest would have died on my side trust me.

The movie played and we laughed at the same jokes and he seemed pretty kool. After the movies he offered to walk me home while his friends waited on him. On our way to my bus stop we spoke about the movie and the hilarious moments,we reached my bus stop and after I said good night he gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.:)

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