Lights, Camera, Action

Greetings everyone, its me coffee. Welcome back to the realm of magic as i share some good early moments between me and milk. Sorry for the wait folks but it will be worth it and i hope you didn’t burn your popcorn.

So i got milk’s number and things started to roll. I remember messaging her later in the day and we talked till night time. we talked about movies and food and she introduced me to her blog. So i checked out her blog and she had a lot of content because she started in 2014. I read some of her stuff and thought she was quite capable with the pen.

The next day, which was August 2. Our conversations on the phone and in person were still flowing nicely. She went out with a friend that was resigning from work and coincidentally i meant them at a bar. I had to pick up some cash from someone and i just randomly appeared. It was awkward and i felt like a stalker. I didn’t talk to them much and i left the scene.

Later that day we laughed about it through text and i showed high interests in being with her and we shared what we wanted in a relationship. It was a good thing to discuss because we were seeing the new fast and furious tomorrow. In my mind it would be like a date and i wanted to give a solid impression.

So Saturday August 3rd is here and it’s raining. I made it to the theater just in time with some of my friends. Initially i was going to hang with them but milk caught my interest and i couldn’t afford to mess up so early. So i told my boys i would watch the movie with her. So here i am sitting next to her. We greeted each other and she gave me that smile i grew to love. she wore a yellow top and had glasses on. It was my first time seeing her with glasses. she explained that she is short sighted

As the movie was about to start.. a close friend of mine came in and sat next to us. He had a bond with milk and wanted to go out with her as well. I knew him for a long time and could sense his emotions. Eventually he was cool with it, deep down he wanted the best for me even if he didn’t accept the popcorn we offered.

So we enjoyed the action and comedy in the movie all the way till the end. At the end of the movie i walked milk to her bus stop and gave her hug. We both appreciated the movie. After i went back to chill with my boys and had to drive them home because one guy was too drunk drive. Milk doesn’t know about that but she does now haha.

I call this phase “Life is a movie”

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