Canyoning: A spiritual Journey.

Welcome everyone, coffee here. Hope you’re enjoying our stories thus far,only the beginning. If you are new to this blog i welcome you and check out our previous posts.

So the chronicles continue guys and it was time for milk and i to have our biggest adventure yet. It’s August 17th 2019 and we’re ready for some Canyoning action. Milk and i have been hyping this event since we started talking. Exploring the outdoors was something we had in common and we were in the same hiking group. We’re from the Caribbean and our country is blessed with many lakes,rivers and waterfalls.

So our hiking group met near the Cruise Ship Berth in our capital. I was the first person to arrive and milk arrived a few minutes after. She looked good in her outfit and seemed ready for a long and tough day. A couple days before she asked me if i was a virgin through text and i lied and said no. I knew she would bring it up as we were getting closer and i was always going to lie. It was embarrassing and i felt insecure about it. I didn’t want her to lose attraction. I felt like i had to tell the truth anyway.

So i pulled milk aside and told her the truth. She took it better than i thought and was very understanding but i still felt like i messed up my chances by telling the truth. Suddenly we were interrupted by tourists who were going to the canyoning as well. After a brief talk with them we all went closer to everyone else. Milk and i took our first picture together and then i did some stretches with my resistance band.

Soon everyone was present and our taxi was here and ready to take us to the hiking site. After 15 to 20 minutes we made it and got introduced to the canyoning experts. We were suited up with swim suits, life jackets, a helmet and cables. Everyone was given a short training to get a feel of the real thing. Shortly after we were taken to the start of our journey. It was time to face our fears.

Milk and i descended the first cliff together and she actually lost control and turned upside down. She calmed down and got in position again. As for me i kept swaying left and right until i got it right and climbed down slowly. i remember my heart racing just watching milk.. good times.

I cheered milk on till she jumped in the pool of water. Our life jackets kept us afloat and the water was just right and had a nice depth too. We did 5 or 6 more obstacles like that for a couple hours. After each one we felt braver and it was getting fun. Every obstacle was scary in it’s own way but we got accustomed quickly. We were baptized, cleansed and renewed in every pool we fell into. We were really facing our fears. Although milk didn’t make the big jumps, she descended the cliffs very well. I gave her all the motivation she needed till the end.

One girl had a water proof case for her phone and i asked her for a couple photos. It seemed like this was a day worth remembering. A few obstacles later we zip lined to the end of it all and took a short cut back to the base. Milk and i had water melon and coffee (haha my nickname) and grew more attached after the experience. Later that day i bought her favorite cereal, cinnamon crunch. For some reason after the canyoning experience i became sick. It was something i never did before but took it head on. I guess it was a sign of a metamorphosis, of new beginnings. In addition i told milk the truth earlier. After reading milk’s blog post about the canyoning i was finally inspired to start my own blog. Will coffee be a good writer? did he win milk’s love? stay tuned everyone… love is just a jump away.

I call this phase “The Baptism”

Written by: Coffee.

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