Love & Gains

Hey everyone, coffee here. I know it’s been a while but we’re back and we will be posting regularly this month. November was a busy month for me, i was working the night shift and harvesting my crops on Saturdays to sell at work. In addition elections are near in our country and the atmosphere is a bit hectic.

Anyway it’s December 1st and our story telling continues from the past. So for the month of September Milk and i decided to join the gym our workplace provided. We talked about it a lot before and the time was finally here . We agreed to work out as partners and would motivate each other. I wanted to get in the best shape to impress her and she wanted quick results in time for her birthday. Our goal was to put in work 3 days a week but sometimes we could only make it 2 days a week. So it all began on September 4th. Usually we stretch, warm up and proceed to work out. Our sessions usually last an hour and 30 minutes with a series of squats and crunches.

So for the entire month of September we were putting in some serious work together. People around started noticing our bond growing. We shared many adorable moments that kept on pushing the boyfriend/girlfriend meter. With every stare and touch, we became more comfortable with each other. We made it through the aches, sweat and long days. Often times we would goof off and take selfies for memories. Most times it would be just us in the gym and we had all the space to ourselves. Sexual desires and tension often sparked as days went by. We were making gains physically, mentally and emotionally. Milk’s body was shaping up nicely in time for her birthday and so was my heart because i really wanted her as my girlfriend. The month of September is where the real fireworks begin, so stay tuned folks. A big and defining moment is coming up next.

I call this phase ” Growing in love”

Written by: Coffee

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