Stones and Crystals

Hey guys,Milk here and I hope you got your pop corns close because this is where things get really interesting..

Coffee and I had been going out a few times and I’m really digging his vibe however I had just embarked on a new spiritual journey and I wasn’t about to enter a relationship if the Universe/God did not ordain it. So I was doing my meditations,wearing my rose crystals,praying and trusting God for a sign or signs. So on a Thursday Coffee was off he asked me out to eat at this Chinese restaurant after I came off work. I ensured I combed my hair nicely and dressed cute as I was really getting to like this guy,I wanted to look my best. So I arrived before him and waited for a few minutes before he came in dressed in brown his favorite color and he looked so shy and boyish.

We ordered fry rice and we sat eating and speaking of our day and other topics. We kept smiling at each other and Coffee told me after we ate we would take a stroll to the bay front where the sun sets as he got something to give me. We eat our food and before we could leave it started raining heavily and Coffee’s disappointed he can no longer take me to the front. So he decides he will give me what he has been holding at the restaurant instead. I am asked to turn around and close my eyes.I am anxious and wonder what the heck he is doing,is it a ring? can’t be,not this soon I thought,what if it is lol I thought of all sorts of things and I became excited but kept a calm exterior.

I am asked to open my eyes and I turn around and I see four brown and white stones.Each shaped and colored differently, I look to him questionably as he explains, I went to the beach today spontaneously and came upon these four stones at different intervals,this one he said holding the smallest one had more white than brown,you’re milk and I’m Coffee,these stones represents us,in this chapter its mainly about you,you got your blog etc and we are just starting,second phase,he lifts the second stone has more brown than white,this phase has to do with me and my growth etc,the third stone had a brown line all around it,so interesting he said in this phase we are one,complete,growing together and the fourth stone the biggest one had an O or a circle drawn on it. The big stone he said he had to swim in the depths for not found on the shore like the others/ The fourth stone is where we reach the peak of our relationship he made me run my finger over it and there was a small dent. What do you think the dent means he said eyeing me, the last stone I say is our highest level there we may encounter problems but that won’t stop us,we’ll keep going as the circle here means we are complete.

As he digested what I said my spirit lipped with joy,a strong conviction came upon me to surrender and let love in. The sign were boulders crushing against all my previous doubts,this was love,this was magic. The night was approaching and we hugged and the atmosphere was charged with blissful enchantment,I was actually speechless and could only repeat his name over and over. We eventually said good night and he saw his uncle’s vehicle parked outside the restaurant,this night couldn’t be more planned. The moon hung high watching and blessing our new found spark one that would lead us to great paths ahead.

A moment orchestrated by God.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the most interesting of posts… uniquely yours!

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    1. milkencoffee says:

      thnaks very much.. really appreciate your kindness. More great adventures coming up

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      1. You’re sincerely welcome… looking forward to reading them!


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