The Magical Stones

Greetings all, coffee here. The love chronicles of Milk and Coffee continue. This time our bond has blasted off into infinity and beyond. For two months destiny kept knocking on our doors and we finally opened it. So grab your popcorn and someone give me a drum roll please.

September started out with a bang for us. We kept posting poetry on our blogs and we started hitting the gym hard. We were really growing nicely together. The spark was there and the vibe was vibrating. So why isn’t the fire burning ? why are we still just friends? i kept asking myself these questions as days went by and we kept getting closer. I wasn’t sure how to bring up the boyfriend/girlfriend talk in conversation. All i knew was i met a girl and i’m frequently getting dates with her. It’s only two months and we spent so much time together, its like we met before. She even agreed to spend time with me on her birthday in October. So here i am lost in a pool of high hopes, just waiting to be rescued by this phenomenal woman.

So it’s Thursday September 12th 2019, and i’m off from work. Milk and i decided to meet up for a date later on. So while milk was at work, i was at home chilling and resting up for later. I woke up early that day and something urged me to go for a sea bath. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get to the beach from my house. I got there quickly and enjoyed the ocean. It was just me, so i spent some time meditating and floating on the water. After 30 minutes i decided to explore the beach. While walking i found this small brown and white stone. Something about it really stood out to me. It reminded me of the relationship i had with Milk.

It represented us well, the colors symbolized our nicknames Milk and Coffee. I decided to keep it as a gift for her later on,hoping she would understand the meaning. So i kept on exploring the beach and found some other stones and shells. Interestingly i found another white and brown stone, but it was a little bigger than the last. In my mind i was like wow this is cool, so i can have one for myself. Then a few minutes later as i kept walking, i found more stones like that. So all together i had four white and brown stones, each at a different size. My mind was really blown as an idea was born. i placed the four stones on a wall and looked at them carefully. Each stone represented our growth, a bond that kept growing. The last stone was the most unique one. So the picture above shows the stones i found. So this idea would be a surprise for Milk later.

I left the beach feeling happy and enchanted. I felt like i found gold. I took a nap, showered and went to town. Milk and i was meeting up at a Chinese spot in town. She reached first, then i came shortly after. We smiled at each other then we ordered some fried rice. It was a good environment for us as we don’t like crowds and it was just us. We talked for a little while then our food was ready. It was hot and we tried eating it while engaging in small talk. I love food but i have a small belly, so i didn’t finish it. We decided to take the rest home. Before we left i brought her to the side and said i have a surprise for you. I Showed her the stones and explained what they mean to me. Milk blushed with joy and the idea behind the stones hypnotized her. A magical aura consumed the setting and our hearts. Darkness was slowly dominating the town but a new found light touched milk’s heart. She just kept looking at me and saying my name. In my mind i thought this could very well be the moment i was waiting for. I was just as amazed, her reaction made me feel accomplished. I was close enough to go for a kiss but i kept hesitating and it never happened. Instead we smiled at each other and our eyes sparkled. Then we took some beautiful selfies and left the scene. Just outside the restaurant i saw my uncle and decided to go home on his van.

Milk and i hugged and went different ways. I remember walking away and smiling, with hopes of having a life long relationship. When i got home, i saw a message from her. She said today was orchestrated by God and she was looking forward to more moments with me. what a day it was. Everything was magical, like a fairy-tale. Cupid shot his arrow perfectly this time. I didn’t plan all this, it just happened. I waited and waited and she finally agreed to be official on her own. I was lucky that the day played out like this. I gave milk a stone to keep and i held onto the rest. True love was born folks and it’s only getting better.

Written By: Coffee

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  1. Antony H. says:

    I adore this so much, good luck ❣️

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    1. milkencoffee says:

      Thanks much …appreaciated
      share our blog with your friends
      more adventures coming up

      Liked by 1 person

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