Love is scary and so is It.

Greetings followers, Coffee here with another milk and coffee story. If you are new to this blog welcome and check out our previous posts. If you are up to date with the stories hope you’re enjoying them.

So it’s official, September 13th was the day milk and coffee became a couple and we chose it for our relationship anniversary moving forward. It was such a blessing for us to be together at last. We played around for a couple months and God saw enough. I still couldn’t believe i got a super cool girlfriend like her, it really took sometime to catch myself you know. We started calling each other babe and other silly nicknames instantly. The chemistry was really blooming. We had that special aura that people noticed and cherished. So i got a girlfriend now, now what. Expectations are high and thoughts are spinning. when we were just friends and dating we kept things on a low.

So i’m thinking at some point everyone is gonna know and talk behind our backs. So we shouldn’t really be hiding our love you know. We were a new couple on the block, and joined a list of couples at work. However not much people knew. So it’s Saturday September 14th 2019 and milk and i decided to watch IT chapter 2 in the theater in town. I was working that day so after work i met her at the theater. We goofed off, smiled and took selfies. We had our milk and coffee moments.

So we bought our popcorn and i found a seat in the center for us. Initially she wanted to sit up front but i insisted that we sit in the center. So we were getting ready to watch our third movie together at the new theater. Emotions were running high and suddenly we saw a few co-workers coming in as well. So we were both stunned and just said okay well it’s a small country you know. Then we nervously smiled as we saw more and more co-workers coming in. They all came and sat near us. It really took us by surprise. We just became a couple and wanted things to be private. So about 15 co-workers joined us as the movie was ready to start. Milk is like i knew we should have taken the front seat. I guess i failed to listen.

As the movie progressed, we shared popcorn and coke. We were pretty sure our co-workers were watching us and the movie simultaneously. The movie was scary and hilarious. It lasted almost 3 hours and proved to be very entertaining. Definitely one of my favorites for the year. Not a bad way to start out my new relationship. So after the movie, i walked milk to her bus stop and there wasn’t a bus in sight as expected. So luckily i had a plan b intact for that situation. I called a taxi to pick us up and we waited patiently. In that time we took selfies, talked about the movie and made a funny video. The taxi came and the drive was about 15 minutes. For the very first time i got to see where my queen lived. It was a really nice place and i had a feeling i would be there very soon again. We awkwardly kissed and said goodnight and i kept thinking …is coffee ready for a relationship?

What will his co workers think? Will milk tell her friends about us?

Will coffee be clowned and float in love … find out on the next episode of Milk and Coffee.

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