Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hey guys,Milk here!!

Hope you had an amazing Christmas filled with joy and cheer and if you did not, I am sending you tons of peace and love. Coffee and I had an amazing time,we took the Christmas eve off from work and dressed in red and black and roamed the town. Well we had a third wheeler with us a.k.a my best friend and what better way to spend my day if not with the two most amazing people in my life.

We had lunch at this amazing,cozy little restaurant and did a little shopping afterwards and resorted to the bay front where we took pics and my bestie got tired of Coffee and I being so lovey dovey and forgetting her completely..we did not mean to honestly but when you’re in love sigh can they blame u?

When the night began setting we exchanged gifts,both Coffee and my bestie gave me gifts and I also gave them gifts.We ended the night in blissful love and cheers to my best friend’s and I 10 year plus friendship.

Christmas was also brilliant with lots to eat and drink,I had my usual family lunch and Coffee and his family went to one of his aunts for their annual lunch as well. Afterwards they visited me (now let me tell you something I was not ready when they came lol. The thing is we cooked late and had a sink full of dirty dishes,it was 3.30pm and I hadn’t bathed,combed my hair nada. So they were coming at 4 and here I was together with my sisters getting ready like a couple of mad ants. When I realized the more we cleaned the more we saw plates I rushed to take a shower.My stomach began churning and I had to go use the bathroom ..Coffee calls me on the phone and tells me they are close the call cuts off before I could explain to him that I wasn’t ready.

I am running in a towel in the house my dad is wondering why I’m not dressed as yet, my sisters are cleaning plates as fast as possible.In my mind I want to keep calm,this is the first time his parents are meeting my family,first time coming to my home ,it’s also my first time being a host to a boyfriends family and I’m freaking nervous and on top of this I’m on my period.So i start singing take me as I am,put your hand in mine,lyrics to Will you still love me? by Chicago when my sister reminds me that first impressions are the lasting ones.

So I get it together and start getting dressed when I hear a vehicle come into the driveway,I yell to my sister is everything washed, most of it she answered. My other sister tells me they are here,I can hear my dad greeting them and my heart races some more when I hear his grandma’s voice as well. Dad is being all cordial and I’m hoping the dress I decided to put is’nt too sexy and I’m fixing my hair quickly when Dad calls me down and tells me my people are here! I hurry up and with my fear I went downstairs put on my big girls pants and my biggest smiles and greeted everyone. Coffee was dressed with a whole Santa Claus hat. So we sat in the living room,made small talk and I served them fruit cake and wine,asked Coffee to help me serve before I spilled something over. We spoke some more then they wanted to drive around a bit to see the neighborhood while Coffee stayed to chill with me.We laughed and hugged as I told him everything lol. They left a few minutes after their tour of the neighborhood and I was left missing my Coffee.

The day went by quickly and things rolled out better than I thought.

Merry Christmas again lovely readers and stay tuned for more chronicles of Milk and Coffee.

Written by Milk

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