What it’s like loving an older woman.

Greetings all, coffee here.

So in a previous post my girlfriend Milk surprised you with our 5 year age difference. So i’ll give you all a overview of how i feel about it and the impact it has on our bond.

Firstly i was very surprised that an introvert like myself attracted an older woman. In the past, older women always appreciated my charm and quiet aura more than women my own age. I never really payed attention to it until i started dating Milk. We had so much in common and our conversations were always fun and meaningful. When we clicked the last thing i was thinking about was her age. She has a very youthful appearance but her voice and strong personality always remind me that she is older than me.

I personally don’t mind being with a woman who is five years older than me. If she was 8 years older, it would have been a different reality. Five years is not a bad age gap in this day and age. My situation allows me to be more of a man very early on. It challenges me to take life more seriously. What i love about my girlfriend Milk is that she didn’t decide to be with me because i am rich, live in a big house or drive a fancy car. She wanted to be with me because she liked my personality, it was simple as that. I didn’t possess anything that would straight up make her attracted to me. She actually took the time to get to know me and accepted all my flaws. You don’t see that everyday and her authenticity is what i adore the most about her. Keep in mind that one day i would like to give her the best out of life but for now she doesn’t mind learning and growing with me. She doesn’t mind building our bond and succeeding together.

A woman her age would probably look for a guy who already has it all. It really blew my mind that she saw potential in me and helps me with my goals. I’m one lucky guy to be with someone so committed and serious. It really is a blessing. So far in our relationship i am trying my best to step up in whatever way i can. Sometimes l look at the age gap and think of where i could have been in five years. It is important for me to understand that maturity comes with experience not age. Before i met my girlfriend, life was moving rather slow for me. Now it is moving at the speed of light. Good things are happening in my life currently and i’m trying to keep up with the fast pace of things.

So overall i am comfortable with my relationship. Age is really just a number in my case. My bond with milk got me respect and i’m in the spotlight it seems. So is there enough milk in my coffee? Is the mixture just right ? What are your thoughts on age gaps in relationships?

Written by: Coffee

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  1. lynn__ says:

    My younger brother married a woman my age (6 yrs. older) and they’re a great fit together! (BTW, thanks for the “follow”)

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    1. milkencoffee says:

      Yes thanks for the positive feedback as well. Happy for your brother.

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    2. milkencoffee says:

      Good to know voila lol thanks for the likes and comments

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      1. lynn__ says:

        my pleasure 🙂

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    3. milkencoffee says:

      so hopefully we might get that same level of luck

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