Naughty November

Greetings everyone..Coffee here

If it’s Sunday where ever you are in the world then much blessings to you and hope your 2020 started out with a bang. To all our new followers welcome to the love chronicles of Milk and Coffee. Hope you guys got a chance to read all our previous posts as we lay down our adventures from the time we met. To our day one fans, thanks for the support. Milk and coffee is getting stirred everyday and we got some tasty stories coming up with all the sugar you can ask for.

So it’s November 2019..yes we’re getting closer to the present…and milk and i are still going strong. We’ve been low key catching everyone attention at work and suddenly my supervisor puts me on the night shift. I didn’t like that at all, it meant that milk and i would be distant and i would have to alter plans i made in advance. So we decided to play around the change .

Prior to November i always wondered when milk and i would become intimate. It was the one thing that was missing in the relationship, the last piece in the puzzle. It was clear that she didn’t want to rush things and that made her stood out to me as well. She would often tease me about it and i was like wow you got to be kidding. I was patient and kept my cool. I genuinely liked her and tried my best not to mess up so early. However the closer we got, the more being intimate came on my mind. We had a few moments where it could have happened but everything was building up nicely. It was time for sparks to fly.

Intimacy was the highlight of our relationship that month, It played from our minds and danced through our bodies, we forgot about everything else. I visited her more often, her place became my second home. I would usually spend the night in order for our plans to work out due to my shift change. Everything was happening naturally and we enjoyed every moment. November made us a complete package, we were wrapped in genuine love. Milk got to visit my house twice that month. She got closer with my family and got to know my village. Overall November made us a stronger couple but we made Santa’s naughty list for sure ….

I lost my innocence but I am guilty of finding true love

Wriiten by: Coffee

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