Pouring out our hearts part 2

ACT 1 SCENE 3: It’s Sunday night and the curtains are closing on my memorable weekend. Milk and i made some popcorn and was ready to watch films Black and Blue and Countdown.I really enjoyed this moment, cuddling with my girl while the weather is bipolar. After watching the movies we went downstairs to brush our teeth. I hid behind a couch to scare milk when she came back. I did it so well as she screamed at the top of her lungs when i jumped out of no where. She wasn’t happy about it, we just watched a horror movie that got under her skin. I learn’t that my girl likes horror movies but doesn’t like to be spooked. I guess lizards isn’t the only thing she is afraid of. Milk and i went on a intimate train ride shortly after to forget about the whole thing.

ACT 1 SCENE 2 :  It’s Sunday morning, Milk and i went to church for the first together. We both looked spectacular and announced our presence. Once we got there we made ourselves comfortable. It was a long service but very lively and entertaining. We enjoyed the preaching and songs of praises. When we got back we ate the lunch her pops and sister made and ice cream for dessert. After we  showered, we got a surprise visit from her older sister and her husband who live next door. She brought me a slice of carrot cake. After they left, Milk downloaded two movies for us to watch later and cuddle the night away.

ACT 1 SCENE 1: I’m here at work, the clock ticks away. I’m patiently waiting for 12:15 am. The night shift just drained my soul. Soon as it’s time to clock out i catch the bus heading to Milk’s house. I made it to her house just minutes to 1 pm and her sister welcomes me in. After i showered she came to check up on me from her deep slumber. Excitement took over us and we kissed the night away. Once again it was time to pour out our hearts.

Written by: Coffee


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