Love Against Time

Greetings Milk and Coffee fans, welcome once again. It’s been quite a long month but the curtains are finally closing. Hope everyone is doing alright. For the month of January 2020 there has been a lot of turmoil circulating globally. Acts of war, bush fires, viruses and tragedies. In the midst of all these things it’s important to stay positive and show love to one another. At the end of the day love truly conquers all.

Speaking of love, our bond is still stable and we seem to be learning more about each other every day. Our blog is nearing 200 followers and is being recognized and appreciated. Witnessing this quick success really sweetens the relationship further.

So i guess you guys are wondering what we’re up to lately. Well last Friday i had my shift changed to morning so that Milk and i could watch Bad Boys 3 later at our local theater. I was super tired because i worked the night shift the day before. It was nice being back on the morning shift with her and her company helped me make it through the day. After work we went straight to town. The movie started at 6 pm so we had two hours to kill time.

We bought a sandwich to share and chilled for some time. After we went to withdraw some cash at our respective banks, then went to our phone company for credit. Before we went to the theater, Milk wanted to visit a nearby clothing store first. It was my first time going there. When we got there we saw all these different shirts, pants and dresses for women. This one green shirt caught milk’s eye. She thought it would match her other accessories very well. Only 3 or 4 shirts were left and this Syrian guy quickly approached us. He said that the shirts might be sold in two weeks. So i decided since i had sufficient money on me for it, i would just buy it for Milk.

She really liked the shirt and was happy i bought it for her. The store was about to close, so i looked around quickly for other stuff i could buy for her in the future. So it was about 5 pm and we had one more hour to kill as we made our way to the theater. When we got there, Milk realized that she forgot her purse somewhere. In it was our tickets for the movies and other important belongings. Earlier Milk joked about forgetting the tickets home and now i thought she jinxed us. So we rushed back to the phone company first but it wasn’t there. We slightly panicked and Milk started jogging back to the clothing store. It had to be there, but the Syrian guy was closing the store when we left. We got there in quick time and started knocking. Luckily the owner was still there and so was Milk’s purse on the counter. What a relief that was for us. Time wasn’t an issue so we slowly walked back to the theater and joked about the whole thing.

We sat and talked for a while and then bought our popcorn for the movie. After a long day it was time to be entertained by Bad Boys 3 and it didn’t disappoint at all. It was action packed and hilarious. The bad boys franchise stayed relevant for 25 years. I hope my bond with my girlfriend survives till death do us part. Time is really all we have and 5 months with her feels like five years. “If time is all i have, i’ll waste it all on you.”- James Blunt. My thoughts as i go home with my amazing girlfriend.

Written By: Coffee

To be Continued..

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