That Milk & Coffee Attraction..

Greetings fans around the globe , Coffee here

Last month was quite long and challenging. However our blog was a big success and we hope to transform it even bigger as 2020 goes by. So if you’re new to our blog make sure to read our posts from the beginning and absorb every aspect of our bond.

So for those of you that climbed the steps of our relationship with us thus far, you will know that poetry was the foundation for our mutual attraction and connection. So what is attraction really? How does it add flavors to our love?

Firstly attraction can be defined as the action of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something. There are different types of attraction such as sexual, physical, romantic and emotional attraction. Each form of attraction was a new ingredient for our love to taste how it is presently. For us it all started with one simple and positive conversation. It seemed like we gave each other a good first impression.

The first ingredient to our love came in the form of physical attraction. Perhaps my girlfriend Milk adored my dreamy eyes and muscular arms and i adored her bright smile,high cheeks and complexion. From there it was easy to approach her and she seemed comfortable in saying hello to me. So that’s great she likes me on the outside and that’s usually the first thing people notice about you. So now what?….well i would have to see if i click with her personality. That’s where the second ingredient comes in…in the form of romantic attraction.

Romantic attraction for us came in the form of writing poetry, something we both liked. Poetry itself is very romantic. Words are powerful and i really got to witness that. This idea stimulated our minds even more because the physical attraction was already there as well as a common interest. Through a series of dates the romance was burning fiercely. People could sense our positive aura where ever we went. We both fell for each other more and more. We learnt more about each other’s personality as well. So we got 2 forms of attraction bubbling in a pot, but just how much pressure is needed for the final product?

Let’s add emotional attraction as our third ingredient. This is a key part in all relationships. This is where people fall in love. This ingredient contains the trust and comfort people seek in others. How i made Milk feel when we talked was very important. Being attached to a person’s spirit is where magic is born. For example in the beginning Milk said she didn’t like my jokes but now it naturally grew on her. Sometimes she laughs before i even say anything. I made her feel loved and appreciated. Check out our posts called The magical stones and Stones and crystals. On one particular date i made her feel so loved she just accepted me as her boyfriend. So we got 3 ingredients adding a whole lot of flavor in our lives. One more to go.

Sexual attraction is a very powerful and tasty ingredient. In some relationships it might enter the pot first or maybe early on. It can bring out positive and negative energy if too much is added and other areas of attraction are weak. For us it came last in the relationship and every other form attraction was already established. We were sexually attracted to each other all the time but sex happened on its own time. There you have it folks, the Milk and Coffee love recipe in the form of various attractions. Do you like our secret formula? What are your thoughts on attraction.

Written by: Coffee

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  1. edgarone2 says:

    Interesting stages of attraction.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. milkencoffee says:

      Thanks yes it is.. they all play a role


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