Our Valentines Weekend ( Coffees Version)

Greetings everyone..Coffee here and welcome back to the chronicles of Milk and Coffee. Thanks for following and appreciating our relationship which is now six months old now.

So i spent 5 spectacular days at Milk’s house, that’s the longest i ever stayed at her place. From Friday February 14th to Monday February 17th it was nothing but togetherness and joy. We celebrated our first Valentines day and six months of togetherness. In those 5 days the weather was gloomy, there was no water at times and Milk battled mother nature. I had this troublesome cough and the cold atmosphere made my nose run. We endured all these things and still had an awesome time. On the bright side we went to the movie theater, baked a cake and pizza, cleaned the house, cuddled and watched movies with popcorn. We got a real taste of what living together might be like.

On the morning of valentines day i surprised milk with an engagement ring but i didn’t propose. I thought we needed more time and i just thought the ring would be a good gift at that time. In return Milk gave me a cup of chocolates and a shirt i always wanted. The shirt couldn’t fit but i appreciated it so much. Later that day we went to a Chinese restaurant in town for our valentines date. We ate some delicious fried rice. After our date we picked up movie tickets for the film The Photograph and went home.

Later in the night Milk and i had some fun entertaining each other. Mother nature restricted our intimacy but we still got out of character and put on a show for each other. After we went to bed comfortable just cuddling. Throughout the weekend we were well fed and had lots of fun in the kitchen. I added spaghetti to lunch on Saturday and milk’s sister and dad enjoyed it. It was well made with milk’s guidance and i gained more points as a cook. Ours days went by quickly but we did majority of what we planned. The Sunday night we made two pizzas together. We recorded the steps in making them and talked about doing a you-tube channel in the future. Our pizza included mixed vegetables and codfish and tasted really good in the end as we watched a movie. The Monday morning we got busy in the kitchen again and we made a chocolate cake in quick time. Making good food all the time just strengthens our bond.

I really enjoyed those five days of bonding. A lot of life lessons came into play. It made me grow and realize living together is awesome but also challenging. I’m happy we got that experience and got the best out of tough circumstances. So whats next for Milk and Coffee? are we ready to live together? How long should a couple wait before getting married?

Written by Coffee

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