To the next level!

Greetings everyone…Coffee here and welcome back to the chronicles of Milk and Coffee. Hope you guys continue to enjoy our posts, it has been a good experience sharing our relationship with bloggers around the world. We’re in March and my girlfriend and i are marching to new heights so to speak.

For those who read our early posts you will know that hiking was one of the things that brought us closer. It was a common interest we shared and at the time it cemented us as friends. For those who are new to our blog it is important to know that we’re from Dominica the nature isle of the Caribbean. Our country is the ideal place for nature lovers and there is never a dull moment exploring. Make sure to read our early post titled “Canyoning a spiritual journey.”

For the last six months w’eve been caught up in a web of love and haven’t been to a hike since the canyoning which was August last year. So on Saturday February 29th 2020 we joined our hiking group for another fun tour around our beautiful country. This time i even brought one of my close friends for the experience.

One of the breathtaking sites we visited.

So after we gathered in town our group Next Level Hikers was ready to start the journey. About 20 people joined this time and we had two buses. It was time to head to the east coast and everyone is pumped for some adventure. During our long drive we watched a TV show, ate snacks and observed the nature around us. The first picture above was our first stop. It was a short rocky trail to the ocean. Legends and myths surrounded this site. It was said that a snake came from the ocean and tried to climb the rocky hill in ancient time. This made the walk more exciting for the hikers. Our fitness was tested as well, since we haven’t hit the gym in some time. The sun was blazing and the sweat and exercise halted a sneeze and cough i had. It was a challenge for my girlfriend on our way back, she would stop to catch her breath every now and then. Eventually we made it through and this was only level one. Our next stop was even tougher and longer and it’s called the centipede trail. The second picture above illustrates the end of the trail. Our third stop was at a district called the kalinago territory. It was established for the indigenous Carib people, who inhabited Dominica before European colonization. There we got a brief history lesson, a tour, ate lunch. and took pictures. It was indeed the highlight of the day.

Lastly we visited a river for a bath but the weather started to misbehave and only a few went in. So instead we chilled , ate some snacks and headed home. Life is all about journeys. Some are short, others are long. Journeys in life teach us a lot and go a long way in a short space of time. Reminds me of my relationship with Milk. I’m sure it’s a meaningful journey for us both. Like hiking it won’t be easy but the final destination is definitely worth it.

To the next level we strive!!!

Written by: Coffee

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