Our Seven Month Anniversary

Hey lovies, 🙂

Milk here,hope you guys are doing OK,Coffee and I are doing good and we are sending you tons of love and peace.

Taking it back to a week ago..So,on Friday the 13th of March our work place had this Goth theme at work,where we were to dress up in goth attire,goth make up etc.However that day was also a special day for Coffee and I,can you guess?

It was our seven month anniversary!! and it was also the day we planned a dinner with a few friends and what better way to celebrate our anniversary than with good company. The day at work I dressed all in black with black lipstick while logging on to my computer,Coffee gets my attention. He’s dressed in black,with black shades looking like Wesley Snipes in the Blade movie he comes over to me and I can’t stop laughing I never thought he would actually dress up. The day progresses and Coffee puts on some eye make up and he looks like a zombie,I’ve never seen him been this bold in the way he looks and I wonder if it’s because of me. His brother actually does great magic tricks and had a performance at work that day that had people screaming with excitement.

After work we went over to my place where we dressed and prepared for the dinner(we had some last minute changes,the venue for the dinner was changed). Our theme for the night was also black and Coffee had to smack my ass when he saw the dress I decided to wear.

We made it to the town before everyone else, we took that time to chill by the bay front,take a few pictures and secure our reservations.We also made it to the restaurant before everyone else,and while seated we had a look at the menu and decided what foods we were going to order. A good co worker of mines works there(as a part time cashier/side hustle) he took that time to hook my boyfriend and I up with some shots on the house. It was a strong drink and I think it got Coffee and I a little tipsy. One of the girls messaged me and told me why they were running late.

After what felt like an hour,here comes in my two girlfriends with their boyfriends,they joined us at the table,and we relish them of what we did while waiting. My sister who works there took our orders and Coffee and I ordered the Chicken Alfredo which was delicious but Coffee struggled to eat his and had to take some home . Two persons ordered Jerk pork and it was extra hot but they enjoyed it,even though it had them drinking lots of water lol. We talked and laughed all the way through dinner.

Afterwards we went to an exotic bar for drinks and pizza ,the type that sells snake heads and Centipedes in rum,there were snake skins and wooden snake carvings hanging from the roof as well. We got a table at a dark corner to sit at, and when one of the girl’s boyfriend found out there was no more pizza, we left and decided to put money together to buy two bottles of rum punch instead.

We made our way to the bay front and Coffee acted high lol,the girls came back with beers and soon after the guys were back with coconut and rum punch. We had our glasses out and as we sipped on our drinks we laughed and spoke some more. The guys were in a circle and the girls were in a circle,.

Coffee and I taxi came and picked us up about 11 pm and we headed over to his place,what a night we thought, as we were both exhausted.We resorted to his room after we cleaned up and I fell asleep before I even knew it.

The next day I had over time at work and Coffee had to go garden, so we both woke up early and I had no time to get some of that Coffee 😛 if you know what I mean.

His mom made me breakfast and lunch and treated me like her own daughter,she actually wanted me to spend the day with her but I couldn’t. Nonetheless I was grateful for the little bonding we did before I left for work.

So Coffee and I are seven months in and it honestly feels like we just met and we’re still in the honeymoon phase because we bite and we all we get is honey,no backlash or hurtful moments but lots of laughter. I pray it remains like this,where we’re best-friends and we don’t argue,is that even possible to be with someone and not ever have an argument? or are arguments healthy and needed? I have never been with anyone like him and I’m loving it.I’m loving him.

Until next time,which is a few days from now,we’ll be embarking on another adventure of ours..stay tuned,stay healthy,positive and prayerful.This too shall pass,one love.

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