Who and what matters most to you.

Greetings fans around the globe..Coffee here and welcome back to the chronicles of Milk and Coffee. So what a leap year it has been and the world seems to be in a state of fear, panic and confusion. Let’ s remember we’re all in this together and our common sense should prevail. If anyone lost a relative to Covid-19 our hearts go out to you and accept our sympathy. If anyone has been tested positive for Corona we will pray for you and enlighten your spirit with positiveness.

So far there are no confirmed cases of Corona in our country and we are thankful for that. However there are several cases in our neighboring Caribbean countries. It doesn’t take much for it to arrive here so we’re all alert. While on the topic of Corona, it’s time to discuss Priorities. Who and what matters most to you in life. Who do you make time for in life?

Recently my girlfriend asked me if i would quarantine with her or my family. I simply said she’s part of the family too so either way it doesn’t really matter. For the last 7 months we’ve invested a lot of time in each other. My relationship with her easily jumped in the top five of my priorities. I guess it’s because i want to keep it, keep it stable and moving forward. So i ask myself am i making time for anyone else? i guess to a certain extent i have been selfish.

I have a small circle in life and i like it that way. I have a younger brother, my parents, and a few day one pals. What if i’m not giving enough attention to them like i did in the past. Earlier today my brother and i played some video games and we haven’t played in a long time. It was fun and brought back good memories but we both agreed we grew out of it. A few months ago a few friends of mine hit me up to play an online game so i stopped what ever i was doing to play with them. While playing one of them said my girlfriend got me busy lately. I just laughed it off because i remember when they got girlfriends how non-existent i was for a lengthy period. Balancing who you spend time with can be tricky. Staying connected through social media is the only way to keep bonds alive presently. A simple message saying hi can prevent someone from cutting you off. What’s funny is that we always want someone to send the first message. So yeah i have been spending a lot time with my girl, we’re friends and lovers it seems and i enjoy it.

I would expect her to have priority over others as the relationship gets more serious. Others should respect that. This weekend we will be having some fun indoors at her place so stay tuned. So while the world is battling with Corona we got to see what matters most to people. For example we got to see how much Americans love their toilet paper in a time of need. We got to see people joke about Corona and how others used their platform to educate. Lastly a lot things like flights and food and could be made cheaper this whole time. It shouldn’t take a pandemic to free up the economy, it’s time we set our priorities straight in every aspect of our life. Right now some institutions are closed and people are suffering. While we’re in quarantine let’s plan and reflect to bounce back stronger.

Written by ; Coffee

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