Quarantine Love

Hey y’all its Coffee once again and i’m here to keep you posted and entertained with our life events. I’m happy this month is closing it’s doors, it has been tough for all of us. I really hope April is the start of a recovery phase. The last week or so has been quite a turn around. It has been hectic and changed my relationship drastically.

So last time i posted i said that we had zero cases of Corona in my country. Well guess what, we now have eleven cases. It has only been a week and now it’s really time to take this seriously. One man came from the UK with the virus and immediately it started to spread. Everyone started to panic and shopped like crazy to prepare themselves. I had plans to spend another long weekend at my girlfriend’s house and i stuck with it. On Wednesday March 25th Milk decided to shop for her essentials instead of coming to work. After my shift i went straight to her house to start our bonding earlier. I had two plastics of groceries with me. Luckily i did some shopping the day before to check some things off our list.

So i’m at Milk’s house ready for some quarantine fun. The Corona pandemic cancelled a big outing we had for Saturday. We decided to stay indoors for the rest of the days. Next day we only went to work for 4 hours. To our surprise a short training was held showing us how to work from home using a VPN. Working from home was the back up plan our work place had, but we wasn’t sure if it would become a thing. We realized that some co-workers already left with computers and it was actually happening. So Milk and i went back to her place with that in mind. Later that day we exercised, showered and took a nap. We also had fun with the Tik Tok app.

Friday morning started out rough for me. I slept with my body exposed to the coldness of the night and got punished with a runny nose and non stop sneezing. All of this wasn’t new to me or Milk. Last thing i want is for her peeps to believe i got Corona. So i tried to hold the sneezes in. After breakfast we took a walk around the neighborhood to catch some sunlight. I wanted my allergies to go away but it still kept on raging. When we got back we started working on lunch. I isolated myself for a while, i really wanted to help with the potato pie but my nose was a bit troublesome. Milk came to check up on me every now and then. It amazes me how she still wants to be around when i’m miserable. Lunch was soon ready and the food tasted so good but didn’t top my allergies. Later in the day Milk and i watched Contagion (2011) a movie depicting a corona like experience. It was definitely worth watching. Before we went to bed Milk’s dad showed us this unique board game and i observed them play for a while.

Written By: Coffee

To be Continued…

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