This too shall Pass

Hey lovies, 🙂

Welcome back to the blog life of Milk and Coffee,it’s Milk here! I hope this post meets you in good health.Sending everyone who reads this lots of love and prayers.

Alot, alot has happened since I last posted and by the looks of it our group outing was so timely because we did not know it was going to be our last for a little while. Sad to report that we’ve moved from having zero cases to having 12 cases..smh. It has been crazy and Coffee and I have been working from home this week and it was something we always wanted and wished to experience but not like this,under these horrid conditions where you are quarantined and placed on curfews and you can’t go out like you want to and every plan is placed on a stand still.

I personally would enjoy this quarantine a whole lot better if it were with my boyfriend and if we were already living together it would have been more fun. But this situation has us away from each other for some time and it sucks.I know Coffee is worried if we’ll make it through this but I know we will,because this love is stronger than anything we’ve ever experienced and we got lots of stories to tell our kids one day.

Honestly I’m more concerned about my mental health at this time as I’m a life path 5,if you know what that means then you’ll understand what and how I’m feeling. I honestly feel trapped in my own home and they telling me stay in is making me want to go out even more. I have been restless,anxious and depressed and cant wait for all of this to be over.

I can’t wait to have that picnic on that secret beach with Coffee like we planned,eat fruits and play in the sand,make love and kiss each other like it’s our first time,in a long time. It’s only a few days but I miss seeing him everyday and talking while looking into his bright eyes. Sigh I am comforted that this too shall pass and with hope we will make it through this trying times.

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  1. I’m starting to really struggle with this too…..

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    1. milkencoffee says:

      we all know the will be alright

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