Keeping the faith.

Greetings Quarantine pals around the globe, welcome back to the chronicles of Milk and Coffee. Hope everyone is in good health. So we’re four months into a disastrous year and 8 months into a promising relationship. That’s right next Monday will be our anniversary and we have to keep up with changes. This is our first year as a couple and we’re already faced with a huge challenge in Covid 19. All our plans are halted and we have to come up with back up plans, last minute changes or just cancel certain ideas. My birthday is in June and my candles are blown away before i could wish Corona never existed.

In all this we try to stay positive and communicate everyday. Lately we’ve been video chatting, exercising, writing and watching films to maintain our sanity at home. As you know we’re in quarantine and working from home. Next week i will attempt to visit my girlfriend and spend quality time with her. I guess social distance doesn’t apply to love birds. I’m happy we’re fighting this out and that there is mutual understanding. Being positive and keeping the faith is good for any relationship.

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