Love Conquers All..

Welcome back fans around the globe. In the midst of difficult times the Chronicles continue. Things are getting a little better on our side with people recovering from Covid 19. However the pressure is still on and the country feels it.

Earlier this week I had 3 days off and I used it to catch up with my girlfriend. We’ve been waiting to see each other in person for some time now. We’ve been communicating via WhatsApp as we always do to keep our fire burning.

On Wednesday April 15th we were both off and went to town to purchase groceries that would last us a couple weeks. Curfews are in effect and we’re working from home so getting a chance to shop is very difficult. That morning we made it to town early enough to get things rolling. We shopped at different places and finally met up later in the morning. She actually spotted me from a distance while waiting in a line. I came up to greet her holding two plastics of groceries.

She told me where she would shop last and I met up with her there. It was really an exhausting morning. There were long lines at most Super Markets and Milk’s feet were ready to give up. I waited for Milk for quite some time and assisted her with her groceries when she was done. Finally it was time to go home. I missed my second home and it was good seeing her dad and sister again. Milk and I started eating some KFC and chilled for some time. Later in the day we watched a thriller movie with her dad and sister. We went to bed with our hearts magnified.

Next day Milk had to work. Her work station was In the living room. I stayed occupied by blogging, taking a jog outside and watching a movie. When her shift was done we goofed around with the tik tok app and watched Fear (1995). Just like me her dad is a huge movie fan so I played a thriller for him later which he enjoyed.

It’s Friday April 17th and I have to leave early to catch a bus because of the curfew. So I left at 10 am. Just one when the fun was getting better my stay came to an end. I really enjoyed the two days of quarantine with my girlfriend. Love truly conquers all no matter what the situation may be. Our love has been tested and so far we’re passing with flying colors.

Written by: Coffee

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