A Sweet Escape

Hey loves,Milk here,:)

It’s been forever,how are you guys doing? Hope this post meets you guys in good health and in good spirits.

We’re currently moving into two months of being quarantined and working from home and we are sadly getting used to it.My depression isn’t as severe as it was at the beginning but it comes now and then.

Some good news :We can now go to town on a Saturday so which means I get to see my boyfriend a lot more yayy.He came by this Friday after he worked his shift and it’s been about two weeks since we last saw each other,so you know I was thrilled. I really appreciate my baby taking time off and making the effort to see me during these times,trust me it means a lot. We talked on zoom for the entire week as zoom seems to be the new best thing now since banana bread lol.We also celebrated 9 months of being together on the 13th and though we were apart we felt the love warmly and we look forward to many more anniversaries together.

He came home to me in the late afternoon,I was worried he wouldn’t get a bus in time but luckily he did.After he greeted my dad, we sat in the living room with our arms around each other watching All the bright places. Coffee and I spent the night in each other’s arms and it felt like the sweetest place on earth I look forward to laying in them each and every night.The morning we rose to a foggy morning and didn’t want to live our bed but we had errands to run in town.

After our errands we went to look for some food and happened to see one of our favorite restaurants opened.It was the restaurant if you read our earlier post,it was at this restaurant I decided to make Coffee my boyfriend,so it will forever be in your memoir. We made our orders and as we overlooked the town we enjoyed our chicken fried rice and each other’s company.

The day ended and Coffee went back home and I’m writing this here missing him dearly..

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  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:


    β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡

    β—‡ “Quarantine” suits Me EveryOne Because, as a Solitist, I AM Often Accused of Being Selfish for Preferring Being Solitary in Solitude; so, I ASK, Who is More Selfish…is it Me or is it Those Who DEMAND!!! My Attention and Company πŸ€” ?

    β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡



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