Coffee’s 25th Birthday Part 1

Greetings Milk and Coffee fans around the globe, it’s the return of Coffee and i’m here to entertain ya’ll with what transpired on my birthday which was June 22nd. So i made it to 25 and it feels amazing to be in my prime. I’m very thankful for the gift of life and excited for the life that awaits me. I am even more grateful to be celebrating with my awesome girlfriend Milk.

So the day we patiently waited for and talked about frequently is here, June 22nd 2020. Milk and i took this day off and the day after as well to celebrate. We met up in town and was ready to head south for some Sight Seeing and breakfast.. I wore a purple shirt and a short black pants with a pair of comfy sneakers and a cap. I thought the look was stylish and presented me well out there. Milk on the other hand looked gorgeous with her outfit and braids. She claimed that my birthday was her birthday as well, she’s so sweet. Our bags were well packed and excitement rushed through our veins. Milk prepared a special breakfast for me and i couldn’t wait. We got on a bus heading south and while on our way noticed the tail of the island shrouded by a thick cloud of Sahara dust.

The massive cloud of dust recently made it’s way on Caribbean shores, can this year be anymore random? We were hoping this wouldn’t get in our way though as we enjoyed our 20-30 minutes bus ride to the south. So we made it in one peace , got off the bus with our bags and paid the driver. We’re in the small fishing village named Scotts Head, the village where the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean Sea meet, awesome right?

We quickly head over to the peninsula to witness the site. Once we got there i reach for my phone to snap a few pictures but it wasn’t in none of my pockets. Immediately my joyful spirit started to diminish and my Birthday was on the edge of fading away in the Sahara dust. Milk told me keep looking so i checked my bag but still couldn’t find it. Reality struck us and though i didn’t want to believe it, my phone fell from my pocket and stayed on the bus. What an introduction to 25 years of life. What a horrible way to start your birthday, i was really exploding on the inside but Milk kept me calm. I look back and notice the bus leaving the village from a distance. Our new mission was getting my phone back.

To our right were a couple women facing the Caribbean Sea. They overheard our entire conversation and tried to assist me. I described the bus to them and they knew driver and had his number . Milk didn’t have credit on her phone so with the women’s advice we rushed back to the village for further help. We arrived at a shop , got some credit and tried calling the number, it seemed like the women gave us a wrong number. The shopkeeper found the right number and i was able to call the driver. He got the phone and agreed to turn back and return it to me. I was so relieved, i could finally relax and breathe. The driver came back and i got my phone , i gave him an extra 5 bucks for his kindness. Thanks to the hospitality of the villagers i got my phone back and pulled my birthday away from the curse of the Sahara dust. Milk was so patient and understanding, i really didn’t want to put her through this.

On our way back to the site we thanked those who helped us and i could start celebrating in peace.

To Be Continued…….

Written by: Coffee

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  1. Happy birthday!

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    1. milkencoffee says:

      Thanks much appreciated one love

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