Coffee’s 25th Birthday part 2

So after a hectic morning we try to chill and forget what just happened. Milk found a decent spot for us but it still wasn’t the best place to eat. It was surrounded by seaweed and the wind was a pest. However we were unbothered and just wanted to eat and relax. Milk revealed all the stuff she bought for us and i was amazed. She really brought a lot of food for my small belly. I guess she was super excited and hyped for my birthday but God bless her soul because i loved and appreciated her effort.

I didn’t know which food to consume first but i just went with the fruits and drinks and my stomach was quickly packed. I really tried to eat a little of everything but we had 2 more days to finish it all. After playing music and goofing off we took some pictures for the moment and was ready to head back near town. We quickly got a bus and stopped at a restaurant for lunch. We were both full to be honest but this place was apart of our plan for the day. An amiable white woman welcomed us and took our orders. We ordered Tacos, a Burrito, Chips and Salsa and Passion Fruit juice. It was really delicious as expected and we just couldn’t’ finish everything. So we saved the leftovers for later. After taking more beautiful photos we left the place and went to Milk’s home to celebrate more.

As i stepped inside i noticed a Happy Birthday Banner greeting me , it was really sweet and warmed my heart. Soon after i was greeted by Milk’s father, it was good to see him again. After putting away my stuff i decided to rest my head for a minute and respond to my birthday messages. Little did i know Milk had a surprise for. A few minutes go by and she gets my attention, So i follow her into the living room and to my surprise is a beautiful chocolate cake and a champagne. She caught me off guard. A bitter morning transformed into a sweet afternoon thanks to my lover. The eating continued as well.

After we showered we took a nap and later i watched a movie with Milk’s family. The day ended on a high note after all our love surrendered to the night. So that’s how day one of my Birthday went down but is it over though? i don’t think so. Day 2 is coming right up.

To be Continued…..

Written By: Coffee

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  1. Happy birthday Coffee 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. milkencoffee says:

      Thanks much appreciated one love


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