Planning my boyfriend’s (Coffee) bday!:)

Hey lovies Milk here! 🙂

How are ya? Hope this post meets you in good spirits! and that you guys are doing well and excited as I am while writing this post.We recently celebrated Coffee’s 25th birthday yayy and I know this post is late because I should have posted it before he posted his, I know.But he being so excited couldn’t resist and I honestly I was not not sure whether or not I would post the preparation of his big day,but after a while I thought hey why not!

So,Coffee and I had been planning this day since last year and we were both excited about it because it would be his first birthday with me . We have been together for 10 great months so I know a good deal about the things he likes especially when it comes to food.

So the plan was that he’d spend the weekend with his friends and family and spend the Monday which was the birthday and the following two days with me. I wanted those days to be memorable,excited and enjoyed so I drafted down what I wanted to do. I began buying things a whole month prior lol and honestly saw it as my birthday as well(yea don’t judge me). So I got my hair braided the weekend before and was ready. The weeks proceeding his birthday I organized Coffee’s gift,something I knew he wanted.

Original plan was to have a picnic on the secret beach,enjoy nature and each other’s company and then go home where I’d surprise him with a home cook meal. I mean cook all the food he likes along with his favorite drinks,I also contemplated on buying him a cake. (This plan was made with quarantine in mind and the idea that we wouldn’t be able to go out.)

However things changed, restaurants were reopening ,while talking with Coffee the name of a restaurant we’d been wanting to try came up,and so we decided we’d go there for his birthday.So,my plans were altered.

So every weekend following up the day to his birthday I bought something ,i bought champagne,birthday firework candles,picked up a few balloons but placed them back last minute lol.

I was so excited and wanted everything to be perfect.I decided to get him a cake,after thinking of all the stuff I’d be holding the Saturday I decided to go town the Friday to pick up the cake and two pizza dough since they were so fragile to transport. When I got to the cake place the one I wanted was sold out due to Father’s Day celebrations,but thank God I still got a good one. It was chocolate but so plain with no design,I bought Skittles,some sprinkles with chocolate syrup and got to work,the end result was more fun and personal.

The Saturday I didn’t want to run into Coffee in town and risk him seeing what I bought and knowing what I had planned for him.Thankfully we did not meet and I bought snacks,treats and drinks.

So the plan was picnic(breakfast) at the secret beach,lunch at the Cat 5 Restaurant,ice cream in town, we get home surprise Coffee with his birthday cake and champagne along with some finger foods,dance and enjoy our afternoon. Watch movies later in the set up tent in the room,eating pop corn and hot dogs theater style(lol) so I thought and then go to the pool the Tuesday. Coffee had a day and night planned that he was not going to forget.

To be continued

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