Coffee’s 25th Birthday part 3

Waking up next to your soulmate is such a good feeling. It’s June 23rd and we’re getting ready to continue the celebrations. This time we’re heading to a hotel where my mom works near my village. I wanted us to get ready as early as possible because buses take time to load where i’m from. We still took the time for granted and left Milk’s house late.

Once we got to town we went straight to the bus stop to catch a bus. As expected it took forever for the bus to depart, a whole hour to be precise. It was very frustrating for us. With all the heat it’s like we were baking inside the bus, just waiting to leave. Yet again we had a bitter morning. Hopefully in the near future i will have a vehicle and we can travel on our own time.

Eventually we made it to the hotel and we’re greeted by a German lady and her dogs. The dogs seemed playful and dangerous but they took our scent and made us welcomed. It felt good to finally be there, to be free and away from the noise pollution. Soon after we met up with my mom and she treated us extra special. After a few minutes of chilling and taking pictures, she served us with some burgers and fries and again i couldn’t consume everything. Milk on the other hand made it look like a piece of cake.

Peace and Tranquility awaited us, we had the pool all to ourselves. We quickly changed and got into the pool. I made my phone record our moments. I decided that i would make a birthday video when i got home for memories. The pool was so refreshing and we wish we came earlier to kill more time. Our day at the hotel ended with coffee and coconut ice cream for dessert and the taste melted in our mouths.

We left the hotel in good spirits, along with my mom. Just like that my birthday was no more but it was quite fun and eventful and I appreciated everything Milk organized for me. We went back to her home afterwards and I suprised her with a doll my mom made, in response she surprised me with a new hair trimmer. She got me again,that was her last surprise up her sleeves. I really do have a solid girlfriend. This new chapter of my life begins with her in it and with positive vibrations and commitment will last a whole lifetime.

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