Coffee’s 25th Birthday (Milk’s version)

Hey guys!

Milk here,how is everyone doing? The world is hectic isn’t it? A lot is going on,but in the midst of all the rain lets look at the rainbow and be grateful for the little things.Which brings me to Coffee’s birthday yay. So it’s June 22nd and I’m secretly thanking Coffee’s mama for making my soul mate and I’m excited for getting to spend this day with him,

I wake up early to be the first one to wish my baby a happy birthday and to send him a little video I made of us,which was well received. I packed our picnic basket,dress real cute and went to town to meet my darling. However,the Sahara dust was really fogging up the clouds,casting a brown,mucky look over an otherwise sunny day. I however rode out all mucky clouds with optimism and decided nothing was going to ruin this day for us.

We eventually met up and I hugged my baby tightly,he looked good as always. We took the bus and head South,we anticipated the ride to the secret beach as we had been wanting to visit it for some time.The view wasn’t the usual greenery,with lush trees and we couldn’t see anything too clearly,however we conversed and kept our spirits up. We eventually arrived at the beach and Coffee notices his phone is missing,he quickly thinks on his feet and with the help of a few villagers we got the phone back like I told him we would.

The entire morning would have been ruined if he had lost it,trust me.We enjoy our time at the beach and I soon realize I had gotten too much for us to eat.This turned out out to be the theme of his birthday”Food” we ate a lot. We had lunch afterwards at this new restaurant near town,which served great tacos (something we wanted to try out) and Burritos.The ambience was cool and relaxing and after Coffee did a rum shot we laughed and headed home.

While Coffee was unwinding in his room I quickly set up some birthday music I had downloaded including Stevie Wonders”Happy Birthday” song,got his cake out and some champagne with the fire works candles and casually called him out. Coffee to my delight was surprised and really wasn’t expecting this. We danced and enjoyed our afternoon and later that night we celebrated my baby being a 25 year old man.

Was that all? Nope,stay tuned for more on the celebration of life and love in the chronicles of Milk and Coffee



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