Coffee’s Birthday continues

Hey loves!Milk here,

How are y’all doing? Hope this post meets you in good health and that you are doing great. Coffee and I are doing well and we are sending tons of love your way. So the second day to our birthday celebrations we head to the north-west part of the island to this beautiful,tranquil hotel where Coffee’s mom work.

Though we were kind of late,due to the bus taking time to load,this did not dampen my spirits.We arrived at this beautiful hotel surrounded my tall trees,beautiful plants and majestic Iguanas that peered at us as we made way to the entrance.

We were greeted by the owners dogs and then the owner herself,Coffee was told Happy Birthday and we were told to enjoy our day. We made our way to the kitchen,where we greeted by Coffee’s mom.After taking pictures and settling down,we were served our delicious lunch. With great ambience and customer service I could see Coffee relaxing and enjoying his day(way better than yesterday).

Afterwards we changed and made it to the splendid pool,where we swam,goofed around,laughed and made videos to record our memories.The sun was out in her glory,the scenery was quiet,private and amicable. We later had Coffee and Coconut Ice cream which knocked our socks out,it was so good. We went home in the afternoon with all smiles and Coffee was happy about his day and so was I,but I had one more thing up my sleeve.

As Coffee unpacked in his room I casually walked in and gave him his Birthday gift,he previously gave me a doll his mom made,which is adorable by the way. When he opened his gift,it was a beard trimmer,one whom he wanted so bad. The look on his face was priceless and he was so happy.

Coffee’s birthday was over,the experience taught us to ride out any musky cloud that the world (Sahara)may send at us,we rode it out with love and optimism.

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  1. Keep it up.. lovebirds 🙂


    1. milkencoffee says:

      Thanks much appreciated one love


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