Love is a waterfall

Greetings fans around the globe, coffee here. Hope y’all doing fine. This year is moving quickly isn’t. I understand everyone is trying to pull their life back together right now. No worries what ever battle you’re going through this year you will make it out a better and stronger you.

The picture above is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in our country, called Victoria Falls. I love the name because the word victory or victorious is in it and that’s what we all are, victorious. It is really a magnificent site and Milk and I had the pleasure of hiking to it but on separate journeys. I went there on July 18 and Milk went there on July 26. I’m happy she got the chance to go eventually. Due to off timing we couldn’t go together but after my hike I went straight to her place to catch up.

I told her about the fascinating experience and showed her pictures and videos of the site. There was something about the waterfall that was captivating and refreshing. It’s like you were meant to stay there. It was a good experience with nature and it drifted your mind away from the hard times we’re facing. There is nothing like seeing two beautiful sites in one day, a waterfall and your girlfriend who stayed with you throughout a challenging year. I bought a small cup of ice cream for her and we comforted each other. Later in the day we watched a Netflix thriller with a her family and went to bed comfortably afterwards.

The next day we decided to be more productive. First we took a step outside to check out a new health center in the community. Then a little later we recorded two poems from a book Milk published five years ago. It was a great start and I wanted us to do more but until next time. For lunch we had fig pie and potatoe salad. Milk and her sister made it to perfection and I really enjoyed it. Later in the afternoon I begged Milk to twist my hair which grew to a certain length while in quarantine. The style came out neat and I commented her effort.

About 6pm we went for a short walk to catch some air and returned to watch The Nutty Professor for entertainment. The two days went by slowly and we got to do what we wanted. There is never a dull moment at her place which is my second home 😊

Monday morning I said goodbye as I stepped out with my Black lives Matter t shirt and afro twists. I walked with confidence, awakened by the Victoria falls and my girlfriend who will always be my own precious waterfall ❤️

written by: coffee


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