Our one year Anniversary ❣️

Greetings Milk & Coffee fans around the globe, it’s the return of Coffee. Hope everyone is safe, healthy and in a good positive spirit. Milk and I would like to thank you so much for the love and support since we started this blog in October 2019. To our day one followers we love you 💗 and hope you keep enjoying our journey as a couple. Can you believe Milk and i have been together for one year already? That’s right we recently celebrated our one year anniversary as a couple on Friday August 14th 2020. Keep in mind we’re not married folks but it sure feels like it.

Seems like yesterday we went on our first date or had our first kiss. All those awesome moments blasted off and are now memories to reminisce and smile about. It’s been a year full of love, passion and joy. A year of understanding, committing and connecting to someone . I’m extremely grateful for this journey and it’s only the beginning for Milk and Coffee. With all that said let’s dive into what transpired for our one year anniversary. So Milk and i booked a room for one night at a prestigious hotel in our capital. We made it to town that Friday morning well dressed with almost matching outfits. Our look screamed power couple as we walked the streets side by side. We came to town early for lunch because we had to check in at 12 pm.

It wasn’t planned but we went to one of our favorite Chinese restaurant. It’s the same place we had our magical date last year. After that date Milk became my Girlfriend and look at us now. All that was missing for an extra special moment was the stones i surprised her with that date. Hopefully we get to bring them next celebration. So we ordered some Chinese food and they gave us a lot , and we both got full quickly. We decided to take the rest with us to the hotel as we left the spot. Our next and final stop before the hotel was at the Super Market for some water and fruits. We made it to the hotel just in time to check in. We got greeted by the security guard and receptionist and the bartenders served us drinks immediately.

After enjoying our drinks and appreciating the atmosphere, the security guard escorted us to room 202. The closer we got to it the more excitement rushed in our veins. What we’ve been waiting for was soon to be revealed before our eyes. Entering the room was like entering a magical kingdom. We were blown away and impressed, overwhelmed by such perfection. Especially Milk she couldn’t stop smiling and admiring. To her surprise was a huge bed decorated with petals and a rose. As well as a bottle of champagne and a small cake. I told her i requested the decorations a few days in advance and the workers did a fantastic job. I was both nervous and pumped for the day ahead. For a few minutes we didn’t know what to do. Room 202 exceeded our expectations, we said to ourselves we don’t ever want to leave this place. We were blessed and treated with a tub, robes, tv, fridge, and a beautiful view of the ocean on the balcony. We had 24 hours to feel like monarchs.

After we settled and organized our stuff we put on our robes and went on the balcony with our cake and champagne to start celebrating. God has been good to us and we’ve been so good to each other.

To Be Continued..

Written By Coffee


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