Does Champagne and Coffee go together? Celebrations of our 1 year together.

Hey loves !! Milk here 🙂

It feels like a minute since I’ve been on here and much is happening in the world and in my life. But nonetheless Coffee and I are in love as ever and we have to fill you in. Hope you guys are doing good and this post raises your optimism and brightens your day.

We just celebrated our 12 month Anniversary ,a whole year can you believe it?? It sure does not feel like a year. We have grown so much,learnt so much about each other,compromised,been open and have been so transparent. I’m so grateful for this healthy love it is truly a blessing. Time has flied,time does really fly when you’re having fun and we have had so much fun in this relationship that it kind of feels like I’m loving my best friend. Coffee has let you guys in on our luxurious stay at the hotel so I am just going to continue on where he ended.

We wake really early to catch the sun rise on the horizon,nothing felt sweeter than waking next to the man you love,while hearing the sounds of the ocean. I made us some coffee in a fancy coffee machine we found in the mini kitchenette, we grab some fruits and nestle out on the porch overseeing the ocean. What a lovely day I thought,what an epic moment,I felt like we were newly weds on the second day of our honeymoon and that life couldn’t get any sweeter than this. I sampled out my new phone camera and was grateful my new lens captured the moment so perfectly. Coffee had blessed me with a great phone one that was perfect for vlogging and photography two of new favorite hobbies.

As we reminisced on our night before we laughed,blushed and wanted this moment to last forever. Afterwards we took a shower and I finally figured out how the shower worked lol and we enjoyed our selves in there a little longer.

We made our our way to the restaurant for our breakfast which was part of our stay cation package,so we had no idea what we were getting. Coffee forgot his phone and had to go back to the room,while I went ahead.I was greeted by a pleasant waitress in the entrance of a chic and elegant restaurant,I could sit wherever I wanted, so I chose a table close to the ocean view.The waitress apprised me of the what the breakfast entailed,was given the option of tea of coffee,chose tea,chocolate tea, She left with my order while I awaited my love. He joined me shortly and a waiter served him,Coffee chose herbal tea.

While we waited we jested and admired the lovely decor,views and ambiance,this place was impressive and found a warm place in our hearts and minds.We waited longer than expected though and the waiter came to explain why there was a hold up and served us our tea while we kept on waiting. About five minutes of waiting and on our second round of tea,the waiter came with breakfast.

An assortment of tasty pastries, slices of bread,butter,jar of pure honey and a bowl of fruits. again we were impressed and enjoyed every bite. After breakfast we returned to our rooms where we finished our Champagne. Coffee got the T.V to play and before I knew it we were cuddled up back in our robes and watching Saturday morning family movies. Coffee really felt at home and we just relaxed and I fell asleep.I woke up, startled went on the porch and realized time had gone by ,I felt like we hadn’t done anything much for the day except chill.I really wanted us to go to the pool one last time but Coffee seemed just fine with staying in and relax(pure Cancer vibes).

We had to go out for lunch anyway, so I convinced Coffee on going out an hour earlier to get lunch so we could return to have time to enjoy the pool. The town was hot and busy as usual,people were up and about and we could be mistaken for tourists. Coffee and I got our delicious lunches at a cozy ,little Jamaican restaurant and head back at the hotel. We unwind by the pool side as we enjoy our food a mother and her son join us ,but they’re here for the pool.

We soon change our minds about the pool and return to enjoy our great,air conditioned room one more time. Time wine down on us and we feel saddened about leaving,as we pack and get ready our hearts are heavy.We cleaned and put everything back in place and we checked out at 3pm. We left there with great hopes of returning.

Coffee had organized a rental for us and had to wait on it,while I shopped and he would have joined me later at the theater where we had arranged to watch the movie Unhinged.However, he called me an hour later to inform me that things didn’t work out as planned he didn’t get the rental.

Coffee joined me at the theater and explained things,but that didn’t damper our spirits,we believe that everything happens for a reason.So we enjoyed our movie and went home later in the evening. Coffee spent the rest of the weekend by me,where we continued to enjoy each other’s company and continued celebrating our one year of love.

Thanks to you guys whose been there from day one,reading about where it all began,welcome to all our new followers,thanks for the support,likes and feedback.We appreciate you for embarking on this journey with us.


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  1. Jo says:

    Congrats! 💕

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    1. milkencoffee says:

      Thank you 🙂


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