Milk’s Birthday!! Chapter 1

Hey loves,

Milk here,

It’s been a while since I have posted on here, but I’ve been good, hope you guys are doing great and this post meets you in good health.

Recently Coffee and I celebrated my birthday and it was a whipping success. Oh how time flies, not too long ago we blogged about my 30th birthday and here we are again. So, Coffee had the whole Saturday prior to my birthday to cater to me,it was a beautiful sunny day,a great contrast to the heavy rainfall we had a few days before.

It was suppose to be a surprise but he ended up telling me days before so I could dress appropriately for the occasion. We went to a quaint restaurant in town to have breakfast, we had bacon, waffles and scrambled eggs and I had the Wake me up smoothie and Coffee had the Tropical Tango. Jazz was the background music ,the ambience was great and the sun was out showing signs of a great day.

Breakfast we had.

After breakfast we made it to the Bayfront where we waited on our ride to the Trafalgar Falls. We travel about 20 minutes out of town ,a ride with the most captivating views of nature. We safely make it to the site and the green terrain is magnificent. There’s lush vegetation as far as the eyes can see. We embark on a 10 minute hike towards the waterfalls and the trail is a set of winding steps into the forest. We get up close and personal with nature. We finally made it to the shed overlooking the twin falls and it’s beautiful, a little different than when I visited there a few years ago but still so beautiful.

Trafalgar Falls

As I sat breathlessly to take in nature I look up into the shed and realize hundreds of bees ahead making bee hives. I became panicky, Coffee on the other hand remained perfectly normal and continued taking videos. They didn’t bother us but I couldn’t help but think that one was going to sting me at any minute. We took tons of video footage and pictures before I decided I couldn’t handle the few bees flying near us.

We head back down and we proceed to our second destination, Coffee had arranged for us to go to the Screws which was a new hot springs spot, however the place was closed and we had to go to another hot spring close by. One Coffee and I had been to with a few friends a year ago. It was ideal and private,nothing was going to disapoint me on my day and so nothing did.

I was so grateful for how Coffee organized the whole thing without any assistance, I admired his organization skills and leadership abilities(huge turn on). We took some snacks, fruits and a bottle of wine and unwind in the lukewarm Sulphur springs. We relaxed, played music ,kissed, fed each other what a perfect day I thought,no other place I rather be.

After an hour of pure bliss we get dressed,I took a little longer to change into my yellow dress and matching accessories than Coffee took to dress, after all it was my big day. We then head unto our lunch date ,on our way there, we played love songs, and I was on cloud nine. Coffee made lunch reservations at this great restaurant on the outskirts of town ,a place we heard had great food and we both wanted to try out.

We walk in and the ambience is off the charts, we are warmly greeted by the waitress and one of the ladies there started singing Happy Birthday to me and I feel the love. We are brought to our table which is so well decorated ,Coffee had organized to have the restaurant decorated for my birthday and I was surprised and was so feeling so blessed. Coffee really went out of the way to make this day special and I appreciated every second. They took our orders and music was playing, we took some pictures, spoke laughed.

The food was delicious, we left there about minutes to 3pm and head home. I enjoyed my day so much when I thought that was it, Coffee kept telling me there was more to come..

To be continued

P.S Coffee had already blessed me with a few gifts already including a whole phone that I got months prior, his mom had also gifted me and I was beyond grateful. What else could there be?

Written by Milk


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