Milk’s Birthday Part 2

Hey loves,
Milk here, hope you guys are doing great 🙂

So it’s officially my birthday and I wake up to the arms of my love. With Smooches and hugs my day had began. It was a Sunday and the plan was Coffee assist in making me breakfast, I get ready for church. Coffee and my family prepare lunch and so by the time I return from church we can have this small family get together, eats and drinks, everyone is happy.

However we happen to sleep in, we rush to make breakfast, I’m running late for church and it started raining. I’m still in good spirits and we make it to church, my sister and I are a few minutes late but the service is great. The pastor and the entire church wished me Happy birthday and I’m feeling blessed.

Church is over and we head home. As I walk in whistle is blown and the house is well decorated with birthday banners and lovely peach balloons. Wow I didn’t expect this, Coffee had the whole house decorated while managing to make his famous Potato pie. He again proved to be an amazing partner and really was going above and beyond to make my day great and he succeeded.

We took a few pictures as more family members came. Coffee had also kept my dad entertained with some Cricket match that was being aired on T. V ,a gesture that was so thoughtful now that I think of it. I eventually made it upstairs to change and low and behold on my bed was a wrapped bottle of wine and a huge heart shaped box. I screamed with excitement and called on Coffee to explain, he came running and told me the wine was from his mom, whilst the box was from him.

Gift From Coffee

I opened the box to find a variety of gifts, my love had hand picked items to suit my style so well that I’d think his mom helped him. I couldn’t be any happier. After this the food was laid on the table, buffet style. We assembled to start eating and I gave a toast and as we were about to eat, we hear a thudding on the door.

To my surprise, it was no other than my best friend!! I couldn’t believe it, she told me she wouldn’t have been able to make it, but she made it and I was so happy for the surprise. Thankfully there was enough food, so she got. She and Coffee gave a toast and we ate and drank and was so merry. The day rolled out with so much fun, food, dance and laughter. My best friend made me a cake, so candles were placed on two cakes, while we sang along to Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday song.

Soul Food

I danced until I sweat and laughed until my chest hurt, I was surrounded my real, positive love and light and nothing felt better.

The sun was setting and so my bestie went home, I took a bath, changed for the next part of the event which was movie night. My sister which birthday is 3 days away from mine helped in making pop corn, hot dogs and sodas theater style. We had downloaded the new Mulan to watch and we did it in a theater setting. Everyone was seated and with the lights out we started the new movie. My legs were hurting and I was exhausted, sitting next to my lover while my family enjoyed the movie.

I can say my birthday was an amazing success!! My day wouldn’t have been as great if it were not for my amazing family, best friend and incredible boyfriend Coffee who keeps warming my heart and putting a smile on my face so much, that it is becoming permanent!

From a birthday sealed with love

Written by Milk


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