A Determined Couple

Greetings fans around the world ..Coffee here hope you’re doing good. Welcome to the chronicles of Milk and Coffee once again. If it’s your first time on our relationship blog check out our early posts you will definitely enjoy them .

Hope you guys absorbed the joy from Milk’s previous posts about her Birthday celebrations. It was fun planning it and i enjoyed every moment. It was easily one of her best Birthdays and I’m happy i was able to pull off everything nicely.

Lately we’ve been doing good and that’s always the most important thing. We’ve really been there for each other in these trying times. The effort is seen on both ends. All couples that are making it through this pandemic deserve each other. We had a few plans this year that didn’t become a reality but we didn’t stop trying different things. Out of no where new doors opened for us .

Recently we both joined Wattpad to share our beautiful minds with a larger audience. So right now Wattpad and WordPress are our biggest platforms. Very soon I want to start writing a Milk and Coffee short story for our fans out there. Spreading love across the world goes a long way, so whatever life throws at us we will remain positive and never give up on our goals. We are indeed a determined couple.

Written by: Coffee

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