The Weather and Bae

Greetings Bloggers , it’s the return of Coffee and I’m here to brighten your day with another Milk and Coffee Episode. So Milk and I have been wanting to go to this small waterfall up north with a group of friends. However Bad Weather delayed the outing a couple times and it’s really annoying to postpone it again and again. Maybe it’s a sign we’re not suppose to go there. So last Sunday the rain said we got you again and a little thunder signified it’s evil laugh now and then.

So two days prior to that I came to spend the entire weekend at Milk’s house. It was what we call Creole day in our country and it’s part of our independence season. In America Halloween was being observed so we celebrated the two cultures because we admire the American culture as well.

It was nice being in my second home once again and to be in the presence of my soulmate. I was prepared for a loving and thrilling weekend. Milk surprised me a new bed in one of the rooms . it was long overdue and very comfortable We chilled on it for some time and time went by fast. We started the night off by watching a weird Netflix horror movie while munching on some coconut cheese I bought. While Milk was watching the movie, Halloween costumes on Instagram caught her attention lol.

The movie had a very interesting plot but was very brutal and graphic. No one sleeps in the woods…you guys can check it out. After the movie we went straight to our new bed and cuddled. There is no need to be afraid of monsters when you’re sleeping next to the one you love.

To be continued…

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