It’s looking like a Milk and Coffee Christmas.

Hey there fans around the globe it’s coffee, Happy holidays and infinite blessings. It’s always a pleasure to be on WordPress and keep you guys updated and entertained with our bond. We’re in the Christmas season and enduring the closing chapters of 2020. Christmas is Milk’s favorite time of the year and we plan to spend it together for the very first time in our relationship. Her energy is getting me in the Christmas spirit and I’m able to overlook the overall complications of this year.

So last Saturday Milk came over to my house to spend a night. We mostly chill at her place but she was overdue for a visit at my place. My dad came to pick us up from town after a long afternoon. When we arrived it was night time and we had to prepare to go for a walk immediately. Milk greeted my family and it was good to have her in the household again.

After relaxing and packing away stuff we left the house for a walk. while walking I showed Milk some cool spots in the village. We stopped at this one place for some chicken and fries and then continued walking till we reached the beach. The magnificent photo above is what we witnessed. This tree lighting event was done by an upcoming Hotel near my village. People from all over the country came to see this event and had a good time with their family.

Milk and I ate our food and took some great selfies just like everybody else around us. The timing was perfect to have her around. The only thing that made her uncomfortable was a nearby cemetery lol.

Tranquility Beach Tree lighting event.

After spending some quality time with my love, the lights guided our path home. Just like that our Countdown to Christmas begins!

Written by; Coffee


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