Happy Valentines Day!

Hey loves from around the world,its Milk here and coffee here! Wishing you a Very Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you guys are doing good and this post meets you in good spirits.😘

Its been a minute since we’ve posted and it has been quite a busy an eventful few months for us thus far.Me starting a new job,adjusting to a new work environment and Coffee commencing his own website. So we apologize for not posting as often as we’d want to.

Im happy while writing this post,because In spite of how unpredictable our life has been,My man is right beside through it all. Coffee has been my biggest supporter and number one fan throughout my life’s biggest decisions and I appreciate him that much more and our love keeps growing everyday.

Its Valentines day,we’re home watching,mopy romantic movies,eating snacks under a warm blanket and kissing when we feel like it. Love is unpredictable but its worth it once you got someone willing to take the leap with you.

Happy Valentines day again from Milk and Coffee❤


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