New beginnings

Hey y’all coffee here, I wish a blessed and successful 2021 to all our fans and supporters on WordPress. Since the start of 2021 Milk and Coffee became busy bees and blogging became difficult to fit into our schedule. However we are mentally preparing to post more in the coming weeks.

So you’re probably wondering what could prevent your favorite couple from blogging 3 times a week. Well firstly Milk got a new job very early back in January. Late last year she obtained her diploma in Sales and Marketing through a local institution. She was able to apply for a new job at a local pharmacy. After a successful interview she got the job and just like that our year was off to a positive start.

We were both overwhelmed, couldn’t believe what happened. It’s crazy how fast things can change, just like that we no longer worked together. I was really happy and proud of Milk and I tried my best to be cool and positive around her. She’s now a sales and marketing manager, dream come true right. However the first week at her new job was challenging. She was just getting use to waking up earlier, adjusting to a new environment and understanding her new coworkers.

At times she felt like she wasn’t ready but I tried to motivate her through it and eventually things started flowing better at her workplace. In the meantime I was busy setting up a new career path as well. I recently created my own media website which I will share with you guys later on. It’s currently a work in progress but so far so good. So basically our time and effort went into our new found jobs .

No worries fans we got some more interesting stories to share so stay tuned. Milk and Coffee forever.


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