A day at a Five Star Hotel

Hey loves,

Milk here,hope you guys are doing good ? I’m wishing you guys a very Happy Easter!

So just to catch up a little with what Coffee and I have been doing as we’ve been busy with work and other projects.This year really has been running but I’m happy that Coffee and I are running right along with it and it has been good so far. We send our love and deepest sympathies to those who have been hurting and experienced some sort of loss during this pandemic, our thoughts are with you.

So,on Coffee and I most recent adventure we visited a five star hotel with my sister and a friend. We had plan this outing some time back and kept postponing it as things kept coming up. So on March 13th it finally happened. We were dressed and ready to go,however we happened to leave home later than planned and catching a bus to the South of the island took about an hour so we arrived an hour late at the hotel.

We were greeted at the entrance with big smiles and we were told to wait on a shuttle that would drive us inside. We took pictures while we waited,the drive to the inside was short but was splendid as we caught views of great flowers and landscape. As soon as the shuttle stopped we were told to adjust our masks and sanitize our hands,as we made our way to the inside we noticed more amazing views and architecture. One that stood out was the sculpture of huge toads that had water spewing out of its mouth. After, we filled out a form to ensure we were Covid free we paid at the reception area and was free to enjoy this lovely hotel.

The views were spectacular,there were pools surrounding the hotel ,rooms as far as the eye could see,views of the ocean and more landscape. I felt I was in a movie and on this amazing island,lost in paradise,but nope,it was real,this was our moment on our lovely island and among great company,this was one for the books.

We took more pictures,laughed and moved to the eating area where we were given menus and our orders were taken. When we were served our meals,we couldn’t believe how small the quantities were (lol) however we soon learnt that such meals were meant to be savored and enjoyed with each bite. I took the chicken breast while Coffee and my sister took the fish. We were served soon after with delicious deserts,Coffee and I took the same desert ice cream with brownie,what a treat.

The waitresses were friendly and welcoming and the day got better by the second,as our sister’s friend Kay gave us jokes by the second. We took more pictures,Coffee had gotten a new camera and he couldn’t stop taking photos,we continued surveying the surroundings,soon we decided to go to the pool.

We made our way to the gym to change into our swim suits,the gym was real nice with so many machines to choose from. We eventually got to the change rooms and made it out looking hotter than the sun.

Coffee misplaced his camera lid though,after some searching he realized he’d forgotten it at the reception area. After we’d all calmed down we went in for a swim. The water was cold at first then our body adjusted and it became warm. Coffee and I played,hugged,kissed and just enjoyed each other’s company. After long hours at the office and all the uncertainty in the world today, this was just what we needed,an escape.

The day pass at the hotel ended at 6pm and we felt amazing . A day all to ourselves to just relax,chill and eat at the finest cuisine.Basking in a five star hotel was epic and one we look forward to doing some time soon.

Written by Milk


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