In this Together

Hey everyone, Coffee here. Hope this post meets you in great spirit and health. Milk and Coffee are still going strong and this year has been a year of progress for us. For the last four months or so we’ve been trying to manage our own businesses as mentioned in our previous posts. We’ve been helping each other out as a couple should do. The moral and emotional support are pillars in our relationship.

Covid is still out there and we continue to be careful while staying focused on our goals. There is so much we have to accomplish and ideas seem to come and go but this year things have been working out on it’s own. Time is escaping from us like fireflies released from a jar but with our love and working together it never goes too far. We can still catch up for some ice cream and chill with the Caribbean sun setting behind us.

We can still make each other smile and catch a movie before bedtime. It doesn’t matter how busy we are with our own individual stuff, our communication never fades away. I guess my best friend is also my over.

Written by: Coffee

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