2nd Anniversary(A much needed Vacation)

Hey lovies,

Milk here,hoping this post meets you guys in good spirits. So things have really changed in our little Caribbean island since I last wrote.Covid cases are increasing every week,we’re back on curfew and lock down on weekends,it’s like we’re living in another episode of Twilight zone. I’m just thanking God for my sanity cause most days feels just like SSDD,anyway I hope you guys are doing ok,please feel free to drop us a comment on what your life has been like lately.

So I know Coffee already filled you guys in on our latest adventure,so I’m just going to touch on a few things from my side :),It’s been two years since I met my Coffee and I transformed him with my velvety,smoothness,he never knew something added could literally change his life forever. He never knew what he was missing ,till we met lol.

On a real,time keeps passing,but it feels just like yesterday when Coffee and I decided to be together and I only realized how much we’ve grown when I stumbled upon some old texts of when we started talking. I am grateful for our growth,friendship,accomplishments,love that keeps getting better and stronger with time. As you get older you realize that love is not always hot ,there are days its going to be lukewarm,but that does not mean you throw it away,you hold unto it,no matter what’s going on in life ,you hold on because what you have is rare,its real and it’s more than just feelings,it’s commitment.

So our anniversary fell during a time when business places were closing down and Covid -19 was raising,Coffee and I prayed it wouldn’t affect our plans. We made our reservation weeks before and after the new implementations of curfews we realized we couldn’t book the Friday like we wanted.However after a few days we got some new information that we could. So our room was reserved but we couldn’t go out to dinner like we planned since places were closed at 6pm,so we decided to get fried chicken instead. I hadn’t been out that much for the summer and Covid was surely messing with my hot girl summer plans,so the night out was exactly what we needed.

I wore my hair natural because I wanted to swim in the pool without care and worry about ruining a hair style and that was the time Coffee and I enjoyed the pool the most.With champagne and cake and kisses that made onlookers awh ,With the rain pouring on us heavy we held unto each other and did not let it ruin our moment.

Just as it’s been tough all over for all of us,and uncertainties are rising we can choose to wallow or choose to dance in the rain,We chose to dance…

Thanks for reading

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