Milk’s Birthday Celebrations part 1

Greetings all, welcome to our relationship blog. If it’s your first time visiting our blog, we go by nicknames Milk and Coffee. We started this blog in October 2019 a little after we became a couple. Our relationship has been going well and you guys can get on the journey with us by checking out our stories/adventures.

With all that said let’s dive into todays’ blog. So on Monday October 4th was Milk’s birthday. I won’t reveal her age, I’ll leave that up to her :). The day before her bday I was supposed to rent a vehicle for a Road trip. However I couldn’t get the vehicle again so I hired a bus last minute.

On the morning of the Road trip i woke up early and organized my bags. I packed my camera, pizza, fruits and some extra clothes. I was ready and excited like it was my birthday. The driver was on time and we left heading for Milk’s village. We got there early enough and waited for Milk a little before starting the journey. So the plan for the day was having a photoshoot in town and on a beach on the outskirts. After that we would visit a pool of water on the interior of the island.

Milk loved the photos I took. Those taken on the beach were creative and we had fun as we ate some watermelon and enjoyed the views and sunlight. The morning was progressing well. We went back to town to buy some KFC for the road. Our next stop was at a pool of water located on the interior of the island. Most of our unique natural sites are located in that area. During the drive a few showers of rain fell while we listened to some funky music and sipped ginger wine.

After conquering steep and narrow roads the driver finally made it to the destination. It was indeed a very chill and tranquil environment. We proceeded to eat our KFC before going for our swim. This time we brought the right amount of food :). When we were done we chilled a little and then went closer to the spot. To our surprise we were the only ones there. We were also expecting some guys to be there offering life jackets but they were absent. As result we couldn’t take a risk and swim through the dark hole as seen in the picture above.

We stayed in the safe zone and still enjoyed the cold water. We took more pictures and had a few drinks. Our moments alone were cut short as we heard a horn blowing from a distance and suddenly a bus full of people arrived. Some women were dancing to loud music and entertained us for a while and a couple guys joined us in the water. After a bit of thinking we decided to visit a hot spring nearby. It wasn’t part of the plan for the day but completed it nicely. We spent about 30 mins soaking our bodies and refreshing our minds. The day couldn’t be any better i thought in my mind as we left for home.

To be Continued……


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  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    ℹ Approximately About 1 Minutes Reading ℹ


    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    ❤ True Love Requires No Conditions EveryOne; period (pun definitely intended)
    💎 Falling/Being In Love “Relationships” Require an Extremely Extensive CheckList of, quite often, Impossible Demands and Dumb Conditions from One, the Other or Both, with No Capacity for Compromise and Inevitable Break Ups
    ♠️ So CHOOSE!!! Between ForEver After or Serial “Relationships” EveryBody; it’s YOUR!!! CHOICE!!! so Don’t Blame AnyOne Else please

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎



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