Milk’s Birthday Celebrations part 2

So the day we’ve been waiting on is finally here, Milk’s birthday. After a terrific day yesterday i just wanted things to continue smoothly. I woke up that day in good spirit wishing my love a splendid Happy birthday and sent her a nice birthday video. she decided to stay home for her birthday, the plan was to have a family dinner at night.

She also made arrangements with a massage therapist in the morning. Time went by quickly and after work I packed her gifts and went to town before going to her house. I had to buy a few more things. I was at a store sheltering the rain and saw a fan at a good price. I bought it because I promised to get one before.

So here I am rushing to the bus stop while the rain tries to give me a break. My hands were full but I got a seat on the bus. In no time I was at Milk’s house, ready to surprise her. She didn’t even notice the fan. 😂

I greeted everyone and started blowing balloons to decorate immediately. She already made some nice decorations before I arrived, not to mention great food. As the night went by her other family members showed up. We enjoyed cutting the cake, playing music and taking photos. It was a simple yet perfect night. After everyone left Milk opened her gifts. I kept praying that she liked what I got.

To her surprise it was a Victoria secret body lotion, chocolate and a bath and body works spray. She appreciated everything I got and I couldn’t be more happy. It was an excellent way to close the night.

Written by: Coffee

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