Happy New Year from Milk & Coffee

Hey everyone , Coffee here. We know it’s been a while but we would like to wish all our followers a very Happy and Prosperous New year. Milk and Coffee are still going strong and as always we have our goals set for the year. As this year goes by we will be revealing our plans/accomplishments.

Overall we had a very solid 2021 as a couple. We got things done in the midst of a pandemic and when our relationship was challenged we still blossomed. However I have a confession to make. About a week ago I actually contracted Covid-19. Crazy huh, I never thought i would see the day but hey life happens. So my New year isn’t off to a bright start. I’m unable to taste and smell for a few days and it’s annoying.

I’m eating right and getting sufficient rest and i hope to recover very soon. Can you believe i haven’t seen my girlfriend milk since the year began? I’m trying my best to keep my friends and family safe. Home quarantine is the way to go. So to all our followers stay safe out there, this virus is no joke. Feel free to share your Covid experiences in the comments.

This year Milk and Coffee will be posting more fun and intriguing content so look out everyone.


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  1. kevinashton says:

    I always feeel it is fine to wish people Happy New Year throughout the month of January, so
    Happy New Year!
    Best Wishes
    Kevin 🙂

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