Love conquers all 2/22/22

Greetings all, coffee here. Hope y’all are in great spirit and health. The date of today is quite magical isn’t it. It makes you feel so positive.

So I got great news. A couple weeks ago I went to do a retest for COVID-19 and I tested negative. That’s right I’m finally free from the shackles. I’m so happy and relieved to be back to full health. The couple weeks I had Covid was the worst ever.

I couldn’t taste and smell and it was annoying. Furthermore I couldn’t meet up with my girlfriend or friends. At times I felt lazy and depressed. It was just an awful experience. So to all our followers be careful out there, Covid is real.

As soon as I recovered I met up with my girlfriend for the first time in 2022. We missed each other’s company so much. Now that I’m back to full health I can focus on my goals this year.

So a week after Milk and I decided to go on a hike to catch some sun, stretch our legs and embrace nature. The name of the site is Jacko Flats . It was named after a runaway slave in the 1700s.

River at Jacko Flats.

The hike was very awesome and it was a day well spent. We took a lot of pictures and videos for memories. It was a good way to get my year going. After my whole Covid experience I’m even more grateful for life.


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