The Getaway

Hey everyone, it’s coffee. Hope you had a fantastic Easter. A week before the Easter weekend, Milk and I went on a little road trip together.

We decided to go on our own adventure just the two of us. We packed our bags, rented a vehicle and drove off into the nature isle on a Saturday afternoon.

I got my license in 2018 but haven’t drove for a while so I tried to stay calm and take my time. Our first stop was at a gas station then at KFC.

The line was long but after 30 mins I got my order. We were all set and drove north with the sun shimmering on the ocean. Milk played music as time went by.

After 20 mins we reached our destination, a popular beach. We took a deep breath ,looked out the window and caught a glimpse of the sunset.

So you’re probably wondering why we’re here. Well Milk had this idea of sleeping in a vehicle for a night. Sounds like a risky thing to do right. She wanted a taste of fun and adventure to break the shackles of the pandemic.

So I went with the idea and knew things would be ok. The rosary in my pocket was blessed 😁. With our stomachs growling and darkness taking over it was time to face the night.

to be continued…

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