A weekend Getaway

Hey loves,

Milk here🥰 how are you doing? It’s been a minute and I hope you guys are doing great.

If you guys been feeling depressed lately I totally understand because feeling sad and defeated was what made Coffee agree to take me on this “getaway weekend”

The couple weeks prior really had me feeling under the weather and I read that as a life path 5 if you lack adventure for too long you can dive into the sunken place lol I mean depressed state. So here I was unable to fight off this feeling of unworthiness and when I talked to Coffee he was so supportive,caring and reassuring,thank God he understood and so I felt a little adventure was what I needed.

Besides we had been playing camping out for some time now but it just never happened.So it was long overdue.

Coffee really had his spontaneous boots on,because I usually am the one who has the crazy spontaneous ideas and he is the logical one who will point out all the safety parts I missed . But I guess he really wanted to get me out of my funk so he agreed.

We rented out an HRV for the weekend,and decided to spend the night out,sleep in the vehicle on the beach and head out early next morning to a river we always wanted to visit

This was exciting to me on many levels,First off I’d never seen Coffee drive,so having my man drive us was so sexy to me lol. Secondly I’d never slept out in a vehicle,on a beach ,it was something new and exciting to us both and we couldn’t wait to see what the evening held for us.

We took our time bought our food and snacks and headed North of the island. We arrived on the beach about minutes to 6pm just in time to catch the sunset. The beach was particularly crowded as expected and we actually chose it to spend the night at instead of the river because it felt more safe to us,since there are practically houses next to the beach,along with street lights,so with the history of it being a safe beach we took the risk.

To be continued


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  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Intense CELESTIAL!!! Energy EveryOne; then The Cosmic Consequences EveryBody



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