A weekend Getaway continued

So the sun bids farewell to the day and welcomes a dark night.The beach is getting less crowded and Coffee and I find ourselves munching on junk food for dinner and brushing our teeth on the beach. We really wish we had old blankets to put on the sand to lay on while looking out into the ocean ,but all we had were two small pillows and clean sheets to cover with.

We decide to watch a movie in the vehicle to pass the time. Coffee wanted to watch a horror but I declined so we watched a Shark movie instead. Coffee mentioned that he noticed there were two guys standing in the dark when he went out to pee. He said we should monitor them,so our movie kept being interupted with a worried Coffee who kept looking behind us looking for any unusual activity.

I was really annoyed that our night started off that way,and furthermore Coffee forgot his knife so much so feeling safe 👀,I really tried just pushing all bad thoughts off and tried watching the movie.

The crowds were finally all gone and Coffee and I seemed to be the only one left on the beach at last. The two boys seemed to had left as well. We made out and listened to some music.However about after 10am a bus parked behind us and out of it came about 6 drunk women, smoking and talking shit for what felt like hours. We didn’t want anyone knowing we were in the vehicle so we stopped our music and just monitored them for any odd activity.

As soon as they left another vehicle parked behind us,we soon realized that people came to this beach at all hours of the night and we would never really be alone. So we decided to get some sleep.

Our windows were a little open to allow some breeze to come in as we felt hot from the warm sea breeze.

It was probably about after 2am when I awoke to the sounds of dragging sandals,then flopping sounds against concrete.I opened my eyes and looked around and noticed someone covered with a white blanket from head to toe with a palm in their hand walking by ,they passed our vehicle and vanished into the darkness. I quickly woke a snoring Coffee.

Close those windows I said,hurry close those windows,he didn’t ask any questions he just listened and he went back to bed.

A few minutes later the person covered in the white blanket passed back down. I prayed ,closed my eyes tightly and as hot as I felt I covered my head. A million thoughts raced through my mind,what did I just see??

As I thought ,I heard weird noises outside,but I didn’t dare look,I was just too scared.

I begged for the morning to come but it lingered. What on earth did I drag myself into I thought….

To be continued

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