So it’s the day after my birthday and Milk and I woke up in a positive mood. Our plan was to drive up north and visit the Indian river. We packed our bags, booked a vehicle and took off. I was excited to drive such a long distance for the first time. I made it through the traffic and all the bends while driving up north.

This a map of our country. Can you find Indian river?

So in about an hour and 15 mins we made it to Portsmouth. It is known as the second town in the country. The Indian river is located in Portsmouth and it is the largest river in the country. We quickly contacted someone for a boat ride. I decided to do a vlog so I got my phone ready to record. The weather was just right and our ride up the river was smooth, peaceful and tranquil. We observed the fishes in the river and all the beautiful surroundings .

Sceneries from the Indian river

We made it all the way up . The boat had to stop because the water was too shallow to go further. We stopped at a spot called the Bush Bar. We chilled there for a few minutes and tried a drink called the Dynamite. I really enjoyed it and thought it was tasty. Milk on the other hand didn’t fancy the drink that much. It made her a bit tipsy . We left the Bush Bar and made our way back down the river. I looked up at the sky and took a deep breath. I nervously reached for my pocket as Milk was gazing at the river. I quietly came closer to her and revealed a gold ring to her. “Will you marry me,” I whispered softly. Milk was astonished and started blushing with joy.

Unfortunately she revealed to me she saw the ring earlier while checking for something in my bag. She said she wasn’t sure if I was going to make a move. It didn’t matter because she happily accepted my proposal. I gave it plenty thought, there is something special about us. I believed the time was right. It’s time we take things further. We shared the news with the sailor and he gave us great advice. He gave an account of his failed marriage and told us to stay focused. Marriage is hard but i have enough faith in Milk and Coffee.

To be continued..


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  1. Yours is a fabulous story and it’s great to follow its development. It’s nice to see that you’re in a good place. You’re also in a superb place geographically – a friend of ours has a place on the island, in the hills behind Portsmouth, where we spent a fabulous couple of weeks over Christmas and New Year 2004/5. My best wishes go with you.

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    1. milkencoffee says:

      Thanks much,yes we feel very blessed to be in love and live on this beautiful island 😍 . Thanks for your warm wishes and God bless

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